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My first collaboration with Phil Blankenship (aka The Cherry Point) was a CDR called "Gross", an unrelenting blast of harsh tape tumble published by Carbon Records, out of Rochester NY . For our second project together, I wanted to take things in a different direction. The source sounds are all by Phil, but the composition is mine. I carefully atomized his full-on 100-mph fury and reassembled it into these two halves. Plenty of empty space, a nuclear device draped in lovely gauze. Things start slowly and then, over the course of 30 minutes or so, things remain slow. I guess they grow and shift a bit, but not too much.

As for the title... well, we couldn't agree on one. "Untitled" is what we were left with. The cover non-image was made by Corydon Ronnau (of Sissy Spacek) by crumpling up a piece of paper.

Since Phil was producing a prolific series of very small-run LPs on his Troniks label at the time, he published this one in a tiny edition of just 161 copies. Naturally, those slabs of plastic vanished into the mitts of noise-nerd collectors rather rapidly. I've always liked the album, though, and wanted more folks to be able to hear it. Now thanks to the miracle of the Internet, here it is, rescued from obscurity and thrust into the glaring spotlight of marginally-less obscurity. Lucky you.


released December 28, 2012

Sounds by Phil Blankenship. Composed by Howard Stelzer at Intransitive (Cambridge, MA) Winter/Spring 2006.

Originally published by Troniks as an LP in a limited edition of 161 copies.



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Howard Stelzer Lowell, Massachusetts

Stelzer's music is assembled out of cassette tapes, tape machines, and a stubborn refusal to admit defeat. By day, he teaches middle school in Lowell MA, where he and his family live in a really big room behind a power plant. At night, he hunches over stacks of tapes and makes this stuff. No one knows why. ... more

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